The House

View from the French Room


Sleeps up to 10


1 Car (Optional Extra – see Prices)


4 Bedrooms

Bedroom #1 (The French Room)

   1 Queen Bed
   Balcony Access

Bedroom #2 (The Holy Cow Room)

   1 Single Bed
   1 Double Bed

Bedroom #3 (The Avalon Room)

   1 Queen Bed

Bedroom #4 (The Fairy Room)

   1 Bunk Bed (Bottom Bunk = Double; Top Bunk = Single)


1 Lounge

   Couch & Armchairs

    50 inch Television

   Air Conditioning X 2

    Dimmer Switch

   Balcony Access


1 Dining Room

    Large Dining Table with Seating for up to 8


   Air Conditioning

    Dimmer Switch


2 Bathrooms

Bathroom #1

   Toilet, Shower & Bathtub

Bathroom #2

   Toilet, Shower


1 Kitchen





Parking on Quiet Road


Other Amenities

   Bed Linen


    Washing Machine & Dryer

   Copious Storage Space

   Stair Barrier



Photo Gallery



The Rainforest Retreat can be found at:

19 Te Aute Ridge Road
New Zealand

From the Rainforest Retreat, it takes only 40 minutes to drive into the centre of Auckland City. It is ideal accommodation for those seeking peace and quiet: sometimes, the only sound to be heard is the singing of native birds.

This native New Zealand bird is called a tui, a common sight at the Rainforest Retreat



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